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When an Arab was killed while, as part of a violent mob, he hurled firebombs at passing Israeli cars in Judea & Samaria, the Obama Administration sent official condolences to the family of this young terrorist.
Any country must adopt an unquestioned zero tolerance to growing deadly violence and terrorism. But the attitude of an American Administration is troubling.
When a 3 month old baby was killed by a Palestinian Arab attack driver at a Jerusalem light rail station no condolences were forthcoming from the State Department to the grieving Jewish parents.
Both the firebomb throwing terrorist and the 3 month old baby had dual Israeli-American citizenship. The fact that the US Administration sent condolences only to the Arab terrorist’s family and not to the Jewish baby’s family is worrying.
Would it, I wonder, have sent condolences to the family had the perpetrator of firebomb attacks had been an Israeli-American Jew and the victims been Arabs. I doubt it. I suspect the Administration would have harshly condemned the act, the perpetrator, and Israel.
Enough of this political incorrectness!

A recent Jerusalem Post poll showed that only 16% of Israelis view Obama as being more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian.  What’s behind Obama’s personal animus towards Israel?

Mahmoud Abbas has been inciting Arabs to violence and riots in Jerusalem. These riots have led to Israelis being targeted and killed. His incitement has been centered on Jerusalem and claims of title to the Temple Mount. Because of serious security concerns Israel was forced to close the Temple Mount to both Jews and Muslims. 
So, here's my question.  Do Jews have the right to pray on the Temple Mount?
Should Jews have the right to pray on the Temple Mount?
The Temple Mount, being what it is to the Jewish people, should make that question redundant. But it has become the threat that may spark World War 3. 
Should Israel, therefore, renege on Jewish rights and accept the Islamic/Palestinian claim that it was always an Islamic holy place, and a Jewish temple never existed there? It was all a Zionist lie?
Mahmoud Abbas has declared a 'declaration of war' if Jews dare pray there, or when Israel needs to temporarily close the area due to Palestinian violence, rioting and murder.

The progression of a Palestinian teenager terrorist. From throwing rocks to firebombs to guns, and finally to suicide bombing.

Yehuda Glick who was shot by a Palestinian gunman in Jerusalem, is being described by the liberal media as a "right-wing rabbi." Since when is it right-wing to reach out to Muslims and pray together, as Glick did? Surely this was once a liberal value?  What has happened to the liberal media?

What was behind the attempted assassination of Yehuda Glick?
My friend, Dr.Mordechai Kedar, ties this terror attack to the greater picture of what is going on in Jerusalem, and a wider world.

How many of you think, as I do, that European governments that accept Palestinian rhetoric for Israel to surrender land back to indefensible borders do it mainly to appease the noisy radical elements in their countries, rather than out of genuine concern for Israel?

Israel TV showed the massive destruction of hundreds of homes by the Egyptians as they created a 500 meter buffer zone with Gaza. 1165 families were removed as their homes were destroyed. There was barely a yawn from the Western media. Not worth a mention. No angry street demonstrations. No condemnation by UN human rights organizations. No criticism by the Obama Administration. Nothing! There's no Jewish state to blame or accuse of terrible crimes.
Egyptians uncovered Hamas tunnels as they cleared the area, which was part of the reason for the operation. Egypt has a common cause with Israel in eliminating this Palestinian threat to their security. As for the Israeli perspective of Egyptian actions - Respect!!

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