Thursday 13 September 2007

The View from Here

Subject: Syria's nuclear target.

Immediately after Israel's 6th September aerial intrusion into Syria it was clear that a sensitive target had been attacked.

What was strange was the news blackout. Both from the Israeli and the Syrian side.

Syria has been expressing it's anger and has threatened to bring Israel to the Security Council of the U.N. But, to do so, Syria will be required to submit details and evidence of their charges against Israel – and that they do not want to do. Why? What are they hiding?

Israel is keeping tight-lipped about what happened in early September. Clearly their aerial attack, possibly backed with elite ground troops, went after a specific target that the Israeli military deemed to be hot. It was a target that the Syrians do not like admitting that they possess.

It is likely that the target was a secret nuclear facility in the northern part of Syria. Although information has not been forthcoming, and Israel has not admitted any action, Syria and Iran received a clear message from this Israeli attack.

Facts relating to the reasons for the Coalition war against Sadaam Hussein's regime have also been in short supply.

Claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction have been refuted and leading politicians have been denounced for using this as the reason to launch the assault against the Iraqi regime.

However, it is known in Israeli intelligence circles that most of Sadaam's chemical and biological stockpiles found its way into Syria. Over the years, Israel has been keeping an eye on the import of nuclear materials and equipment supplied to Syria by the North Koreans.

Evidence is shrouded in secrecy. However, something major prompted Israel to act last week. The result has been that the top Israeli echelon have been smiling this week, while the Syrians have been hopping mad.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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