Thursday 27 September 2007

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 1)

The Lies of Ahmadinajad (Part 1)

President of Iran, liar, murderer of Iranian women and boys, arch-terrorist, Ahmadinajad declared publicly, in his
disgraceful Columbia University address, that there are no homosexuals in Iran.

You know why ?

Because he hangs them all !

This picture shows two Iranian boys, aged 18 and 16, just prior to their execution.
Their only crime ? Being homosexual.
This execution took place in the Iranian city of Maashad.

Ahmadinajad is not only a gay-basher. He is a gay-murderer.

Expose Ahmadinajad for the lying, deceitful, murderer that he is…..

There is more to follow on the record of Ahmadinajad. His lies at Columbia, and at the United Nstions, will be exposed, piece by piece, in all their gruesome detail in The View from Here.

Barry Shaw
The View from Here

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