Wednesday 26 September 2007

Ahmadinajad adored..

Did you hear it at Columbia University during the UN "Invite a dictator" week?
No. Not the speech by President Ahmadinajad of Iran, the honored guest of this
revered hall of learning.

I mean the cheering that greeted his remarks. The applause in response to his pearls
of wisdom. The thrill when he invited Columbia students to come to Iran and visit his universities.

Yes. There was a moment of light humor when he denied that there were no homosexuals in Iran. The impressionisable students in the hall thought this was funny. An attempt at humor by this little runt.
He didn't tell them that gays are hanged in Iran. That wouldn't have gone down so well with the kids looking for another hot hero.

They seemed to take in the message that Iran was a progressive country which rewarded women with advancement.
Perhaps somebody needs to tell them that women are subject to honor killings, and have been known to be stoned to death for indiscretions.

True. Some students did not really believe him when he said that the Holocaust did not take place. But they are willing to buy his line that more research is needed into the subject. After all, what is higher education if not to advance the learning process? And, hey, maybe we'll discover that the Holocaust wasn't as bad after all.

The theory given by this little narrow-eyed dictator that Israel, together with America, is the root of all evil and must be eliminated was not greeted by boos, but by silence.

That's because it echoes the line being put by the liberal left in America, as they try to appease all the Muslims of the world that they feel have been offended by Bush.

So, hey, maybe this guy is right. Maybe we and Israel have gotten up the nose of all the peoples of the world, and we need to correct our wrongs - even if that means sacrificing Israel.
So let's hear it again for the little guy from Tehran!

The peanut brained students of Columbia and their envious brothers and sisters of Yale, Harvard, and all the other faculties of political correctness are feeling good today.
They have allowed someone from another world to come to their country and publicly shown why and how America is wrong.

I heard one girl student explain to a TV reporter that the only thing that she didn't agree with was his comments about the Holocaust. That's all. She did not question anything else that he had said. Or not said.

So three cheers for Ahmadinajad and Columbia for allowing free speech its day! They really showed the world that they are up for a reasoned dialogue with people who uphold a different world vision.

Didn't anyone tell these stupid students, headed by their idiotic, publicity or fund seeking leaders, as they applauded this dangerous petty dictator - soon to be with a nuclear missile - that this wasn't a dialogue.
It was a monologue - and there were many in the audience, and around the world, who watched his speech and bought into the line that Ahmadinajad was selling..

It wasn't the speech that upset me. It was the applause.

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