Friday, 23 April 2010


Those who make the case for Israel's raison d'etre claim biblical, historic, and religious reasons for Israel's right to exist.

These are all good and strong reasons in support of the Jewish State. There is, however, an equally concrete and indisputable claim that is often gone unexpressed.

Israel has the legal right to the land that goes back ninety years. This right is recognised in international law. It was declared and agreed by recognised international bodies and even approved by the Arabs.

Anyone disputing that Israel legally has title over Palestine should be referred to the 1920 SAN REMO CONFERENCE.

Following World War One and the defeat of the Ottoman Turkish Empire, world leaders met at the Italian seaside town of San Remo to settle the issue of disputed territories both in Europe and in the Middle East.
The Jewish cause was represented by the Zionist organisation led by Chaim Weitzmann. The Arab cause was led by King Faisel.

It was decided that what was the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East would be divided into two entities. One would be given to the Arabs. This land included what is today Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. The other would be designated to be the National Home of the Jewish People. This land included what is today Israel, what is known as the West Bank, Jordan, and the Negev Desert.

This division was approved by all the participants, including both the Jewish and Arab representatives.
It was voted as the San Remo Declaration and passed over to the League of Nations where it was past into international law.

When the League of Nations became the United Nations one of the first rulings of that new body was the confirmation in law of the San Remo Declaration.

As a result of Arab violence, and compensation to King Faisel, Winston Churchill abused the San Remo Declaration by giving Faisel the Hashemite Kingdom on what became TransJordan. This constituted two thirds of the land that legally belonged to the mandated national home of the Jewish people.

Since 1967 we have seen the developing identity of the Palestinian people. They may be making claims to nationhood on territories belonging to Israel, but they have no legal rights to any of this land according to any known international law.

Israel allowed the P.L.O., led by Yasser Arafat, to administer terroritory from a base in Ramallah. This was granted to them by Israel.
Israel unilaterally removed its citizens from the Gaza Strip as a peace gesture to the Palestinians. This, again, was granted to them by Israel.

Israel has ceded, and may do so in the future, some of its legal territory for the benefit of a burgeoning Palestinian entity. This does not mean that Palestinians, or any Arab entity, have had any rights returned to them. They have no internationally recognised legal rights to claim sovereignty over any of this land. This legal right is exclusively owned by Israel as the national home of the Jewish people.

Palestinians, and their supporters, may cry 'Occupation'. The fact is that Israel occupies the land bequeathed to it under international law.

Further reading, for anyone in doubt, should include the findings of international lawyer, Dr. Jacques Gauthier.
Gauthier is an international human rights lawyer. He has no predisposed bias. He is not Jewish. Gauthier has devoted a remarkable twenty five years of constant research to discover who owns Jerusalem.
His dispassionate discovery is covered in a tome of one thousand two hundred pages containing three thousand three hundred footnotes.
His conclusion, based on international law, is that Jerusalem legally belongs to the Jewish people.

Palestine? It is within Israel's legal rights to give. There are no legal Palestinian rights to take or to demand any territory.

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