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The Weakening of America and how it affects the Middle East.

It was by accident that Benjamin Netanyahu walked into a White House trap.
The White House had resisted his repeated requests for an audience with the President during his March visit to America.

The Obama team was upset with Israel over untimely declarations about construction in Jerusalem.
Rahm Emmanuel's famous phrase 'Never let a crisis go to waste!' echoed into the equation. Obama got together with his advisers and Israel's Prime Minister walked into the Oval Office and got slammed.

It was all part of the Obama Repositioning of America plan.

Enemies are to be tolerated as an initial softening up prior to future relationship building. Allies are to be downgraded to assist in this process, starting with Israel.

Israel has told America that there is no Palestinian partner that can deliver a permanent peace, but America is not listening.
Meanwhile, the Palestinians have President Obama as their chief negotiator with Israel.
Why should they agree to direct talks with Israel when America encourages them into indirect talks with the Obama team? They see that Obama intends to deliver their current demands directly and toughly with Israel. They have no need to climb down from the tree. They like it up there.

But it goes way beyond a direct slap at Israel.

Behind closed doors the theory of containment is being adopted. In simple words, 'let's learn to live with a post nuclear Iran'.
They are talking about how to contain an Iranian regime with a nuclear capability.
They are coming up with the propostion that Iran would never use the bomb, rather than decisively acting to prevent Iran from obtaining this weapon of mass destruction.

While verbally calling for watered down sanctions against Iran the Obama Administration is coming to terms with the looming possibility that Iran cannot be prevented from obtaining the bomb.

Israel will never tolerate a containment policy to a nuclear Iran. The threat is too direct and imminent.

Intelligence reports from Israel say that the United States is preparing a position paper that will open the way for a dialogue with the Islamic terror organisation in Lebanon, Hizbollah.

Hizbollah murdered many Americans (see list below) in numerous terror attacks. Hizbollah was complicit with Syria in the Beirut explosion that killed Lebanese President Rafik Hariri. It has been summoned to give evidence to the United Nations Special Tribunal over this incident. Yet John Brennan, President Obama's chief adviser on terrorism, is calling for 'a more flexible approach' to Hizbollah.

This acceptance of Hizbollah is coming via the Center for American Progress think tank.
They will claim evidential support from important officials, sections of the british Government, and leading NGOs.
They will dismiss the conclusions of any Israeli or pro-Israeli expert as being biased.

Despite Syria encouragement to its neighbours to strenthen their links to Iran, The Obama Administration has decided to send a new ambassador to Damascus.

The dangerous and false assumption of the Obama panel of experts is that these US moves will lead to a softening of anti-American policies and actions by radical Islamic actors.
The foolish summation is that this change of strategy will calm the political environment and remove the current and future threats against America.

It is interesting, in advance of a proposed containment of a nuclear Iran and an US embrace of Hizbollah and potentially Hamas, to look at what is happening in the region right now.

America is perceived as having lost its will to take on challenges beyond Iraq and Afghanistan. This is portrayed as weakness in this part of the world.
It is noticed that Obama has been unable to muster a coalition for sanctions against Iran.
Recent Obama moves have weakened the US bond with Israel, and Israel now appears isolated and surrounded by increasingly powerful and influential Islamic partners.
Europe's rejection of has thrown them back into the arms of Iran and Syria. Turkey is, today, stridently more Islamic.

Lebanon's President Saad Hariri, son of the slain president, despite the fact that Syria had killed his father, went cap in hand to Damascus to pay homage to President Assad.
He has recently been followed by Druse leader, Walid Jumblatt, whose own father was murdered by Assad Senior, the father of the current Syrian President.
Walid Jumblatt had been fighting Hizbollah in Lebanon as recently as 2008. Now, he feels deserted by the West, namely the US.
He, and Hariri, clearly see which way the political winds are blowing and are now alligning themselves with Iran via Syria.

Even Saudi Arabia, the fair weather friend of America, is losing faith with the US. They have been making advances to Syria. It is clear to them that America has been impotent in moving Syria away from Iran.

Middle Eastern countries have been making their own calculations and moving their allegiances towards Iran and Syria and away from the West.

As Jonathan Spyer, a senior research fellow and Arab world expert, put it.
"This is the clearest indication yet of where current Obama and Western policy of punishing allies and rewarding enemies is likely to lead".

Israel has been watching these moves. It knows that America has been unable to forge sanctions against Iran. Israel has made its own direct approaches to Moscow and Beijing. It is clear eyed over where it stands today and what it must do regarding the Iranian threat. It is alone.

The Jewish message of 'Better to take heed of your enemies threats than listen to the promises of friends' has driven Israel since its inception. Even in its most perilous years Israel has acted alone. Unlike other countries, it has never asked allies to risk their lives in its defense.
With impotence over sanctions, and now the changing relationship, Israel will determine to act alone, without warning the US.
It will not wait until Iran has the nuclear capability. It will not wait until Iran is able to supply Hizbollah, Hamas or Syria with a dirty bomb. It will act in a method and at a time of its choosing.
Nothing is more certain than plans are being drawn up in Israel's command and control centers.

Hizbollah Attacks Against Americans.
(This list is limited to attacks resulting in death. It does not include hijackings, kidnappings, and terror attacks that did not kill Americans).

April 18,1983. Beirut, Lebanon. A truck bomb exploded in front of the US Embassy killing 93 employees and wounding 120. HIZBOLLAH, with financial backing from Iran, carried out the attack.

October 23, 1983. Beirut, Lebanon. A truck-bomb crashed into the lobby of the US Marines HQ killing 241 US soldiers and wounding 81. HIZBOLLAH carried out the attack with help from Syrian intelligence and financed by Iran.

January 18, 1084. Beirut, Lebanon. Malcolm Kerr, president of the American University in Beirut was killed by two HIZBOLLAH gunmen outside his office.

March 16, 1984. Beirut, Lebanon. HIZBOLLAH kidnapped William Buckley. His body was never found.

April 12, 1984. HIZBOLLAH bombed a restaurant used by US servicemen in Torrejon, Spain.

September 20, 1984. Beirut, Lebanon. A HIZBOLLAH suicide bomber killed 23 and injured 21 at the US Embassy in Beirut.

February 17, 1988. CIA chief, William Buckley, was kidnapped by HIZBOLLAH while driving from Tyre to Nakura. After an unsuccessful ransom demand Higgins was murdered by his HIZBOLLAH captors.

November 8, 1991. Beirut, Lebanon. HIZBOLLAH detonated a 100 kg car bomb killing one person at the American University in Beirut.

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