Wednesday 7 April 2010

I do not believe in America any more.

Professionally, I am in real estate. In the last year I have repeatedly been asked to invest in American property and real estate on the assumption that prices have fallen and this is a good time to get in the market.
I refuse to do so. I have lost all faith in America's ability to get themselves out of their mess.

In fact, I am convinced that the Obama plan is to totally destroy the capitalist and free market system and replace it with his Marxist vision expressed as his 'fundamental redistributiuon of wealth'.

I studied him from childhood to presidency. Everything about him wreaks of Marxism. All his closest advisers are Leftists, Communists, Marxists, or lovers of Mao.
Andy Stern - "Workers of the World Unite!"
Van Jones - Avowed Communist.
Ron Bloom - Power Comes from the Barrel of a Gun!"
Anita Dunn - I think of Mao every day!
Mark Lloyd - I Support the Important Revolution in Venezuela!

Obama studied and then taught the principles of Saul Alinsky, author of 'Rules for Radicals' a prime for Realistic Radicals.
Yet Obama recently publicly sneered in a TV interview "People call me a Socialist but when called on they can't show any evidence of it". Really Mr. President? I live in far off Israel and I can prove it.

When Obama promised to fundamentally change America I knew what he meant. What has shocked me is that the majority of Americans did not do their homework and, today, are sleepwalking their way to beyond Socialism.

With the deliberate breakdown of the American economy and the rapidly rising debt that big government will impose on the people I am convinced that America's worst days are ahead of it. The power of the dollar will sink to an all time low.

I have no faith in the American economy. I have even less faith in the current American president or his advisers.

This is not the time, not the environment, for me to be encouraged to invest in America. I do not believe in America any more.

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