Monday, 7 June 2010

Israel uncovers new terror links.

The arrest and interrogation of Mavi Mamara passengers has uncovered a goldmine of intelligence for Israel and the West.
Many of the activists on board this ship had ties to the Turkish extreme organisation IHH and were involved in terror related activities. 

Israel has uncovered new terror links that may originate in Turkey but has spread internationally with operatives in America and Britain.

The Israeli security and intelligence community are connecting the dots and much more knowledge and information will be forthcoming in the future. 
Most of this information will not be released to the public but a glimpse of the information given below shows the tip of a newly uncovered terror iceberg.

A few of the terrorist operatives on board:

According to the IDF, the following passengers on board the Mavi Marmara are known to be involved in terrorist activity.

Fatimah Mahmadi (born 1979), is a United States resident of Iranian origin, and an active member of the organization "Viva Palestine", she attempted to smuggle forbidden electronic components into the Gaza Strip.

Ken O'Keefe (Born 1969), an American and British citizen, is a radical anti-Israel activist and operative of the Hamas terror organization. He attempted to enter the Gaza Strip in order to form and train a commando unit for the Palestinian terror organization.

Hassan Iynasi (born 1982), a Turkish citizen and activist in a Turkish charity organization, is known to provide financial support to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization.

Hussein Urosh, a Turkish citizen and activist in the IHH organization, was on his way to the Gaza Strip in order to assist in smuggling Al-Qaeda operatives via Turkey into the Strip.

Ahmad Umimon (born 1959), is a French citizen of Moroccan origin, and an operative of the Hamas terrorist organization.

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