Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hamas refuse humanitarian aid from the Free Gaza flotilla.

Following the forced arrival of the Hamas-support ships from Turkey to the Israeli port of Ashdod, dock workers toiled through the night to offload, check, and transfer the tones of medical aid and equipment to waiting trucks.
In less than twenty four hours the trucks carrying the aid arrived at the official crossing into Gaza at Kerem Shalom.
After the cargo was delivered to the Gaza Strip, Hamas has been putting difficulties and obstacles into receiving this aid.
The Gaza Coordination and Liason Office of the IDF has been in contact with bodies from the international community to ensure that the equipment enters the Gaza Strip but Hamas is prevaricating over the delivery.

Colonel Moshe Levy, head of COGAT, said that "there was no need for this cargo. The same goods have been sent into Gaza over the past year on a regular basis. This proves that the entire sail was propagandist and provocative and had nothing to do with aid".

Meanwhile, a source told me that the dockside information extracted from the ships passengers, especially from the Marmara,  is proving to be a goldmine of intelligence linking Islamic organisations, personnel, and money trails, with so-called peace and human rights activists.

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