Thursday 26 August 2010


Israel's Regional Development Minister, Silvan Shalom, toured the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza on Wednesday.
He announced that the 250 to 280 trucks a day that flow into Gaza are sufficient to fully supply all Palestinian needs in the Gaza Strip.
He also confirmed that the Palestinian Authority have zero demand for any supplies above that number of trucks.

He said, "We often reach a point when there is no longer any demand from the Gazan side. We can provide more, but we don't reach full capacity becuase there is no demand".

In other words, Israel is fully implementing a complete transfer of public and private supplies and equipment into the Gaza Strip that meet all the demands of the population, save for military and materials that can be used for terror purposes.

Shalom said, "We consider the Hamas authority as a hostile authority. Our actions are meant to serve the civilian population, not the Hamas authority and its leaders. We will not allow goods to be used for terrorist activities".

He reiterated that the Kerem Shalom crossing that been targeted by missile and rocket attacks from Gaza and that the people who fired on the supply point were the same people who controlled the illegal smuggling tunnels.

This is vital information that will go a long way in countering future flotilla lies that they wish to supply much needed equipment to Gaza. None is required.
It is simply an anti-Israel provocation in support of the Hamas terror regime.

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