Monday, 16 August 2010


Syria's Prime Minister, Mohammad al-Otari, made a clear cut rejection of any future peace deal with Israel.

In an interview with Lebanon's Al-Nahar newspaper website he said, "The conflict with Israel will ALWAYS exist!"

Coming from the second ranked person in the Syrian hierarchy this is an official announcement of permanent enmity with Israel.

Following my recent article 'Palestinians don't want peace!' this further cements the hard line front against the Jewish state.

Add to this the violence and threats against Israel from the extremists controlling Hizbollah, Hamas, Turkey, and Iran, the Middle East neighbourhood is openly displaying a total rejection of any peace agreement with Israel.

The Palestinian Authority refuses to hold direct talks with Israel. This reflects the objection to peace with Israel from the majority of Palestinian groups and factions.  Even if Mahmoud Abbas is dragged into discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu this will be a fig leaf gesture to the Obama Administration with no possible positive outcome. The Arab League who, supposedly, is pressuring Abbas to talk with Israel are currently lobbying the United States to vote against Israel on the nuclear issue.

America must learn the levontine shouk mentality that has the Arabs agreeing to push Abbas into talks with Israel while whispering in his ear that he can push for maximum demands but need to accept them if granted.
It is basically a trade off with America. They push Abbas into the room and America votes against Israel. The result is a two to zero victory for the peace rejectionists and a weakened Israel.

Meanwhile the Hate Israel, Anti-Peace lobby is becoming larger and more vociferous. If these voices become louder, if these voices go unchecked, war is bound to follow.

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