Monday, 1 November 2010


I wrote 'So you want to boycott Israel' in 2004.
The Mona Baker led academic boycott of 2002 subsequently gave rise to an ongoing commercial boycott of Israel. This, like the academic boycott has been largely unsuccessful. By noisily campaigning outside British stores, such as Marks and Spencers and Ahava, this simply encourages Israel supporters, and those who find their noisy victimisation of certain stores offensive, to support the beleagurered stores by going in and spending money when they would normally have walked by.
The commercial boycott attempt gave birth to a counter Buycott campaign.
Basically, this was to support the very stores that are being targeted by the Hate Israel campaigners.

What shocked me into writing this article was the sheer hypocricy of the Boycott Israel campaigners.

Israel was taking steps to accomodate the demands of the Palestinian leadership. At the same time, we were suffering from a terrible terror campaign against us.
It was at such a moment that we witnessed the growth of hatemongers who eagerly joined the Palestinian cause not to assist in the peace making process but to attack Israel.

We have seen the adoption of the Palestinian cause and its narrative as a screen to disguise the contempt for the Jewish state.

Highlighting 'the plight of the Palestinians' is a pretext. Simply put, it's a camouflage. It's a camouflage that hides the deep resentment of an increasingly successful Zionist mission, the Jewish State of Israel.

Resolutions are formulated and adopted that detract and deny the exisiting order.
New legislation is introduced that attempts to rake over established international, legitimacy, laws and rights. These are swept aside, airily dismissed, as if they are no longer relevant.

So you want to boycott Israel exposes the hypocricy of academics that oppose academic freedom, boycotters who choose to target easy victims while luxuriating in items that are useful to them, the humanists who deny humanity to those in need, the multiculturists who object to the addition of a different entity, the 'human rights' activists that close their eyes to human rights abuses when it doesn't suit their true cause, the media that adopts a myth and projects this propaganda as truth, and public opinion that accepts the lies they are fed and use them as amunition to assault Israel.

 When academia closes its mind and its ears it is no longer academia. Academia is a world of open mindedness, of freedom of thought, of open exchange of ideas. When you close your mind you are no longer an academic. You may close you ears and your mind, but the other still exists. You have not denied the other. You have denied yourself.

Universal humanists would prevent Israeli scientists from sharing their research. They would stop the free exchange of ideas and theory to Israeli academics. If you accept that Israeli researchers, scientists, agriculturalists, physicists, mathemeticians, have contributed to the good of mankind way out of proportion to their numbers how can ou consider yourself as a humanist when you deny humanitary the right to benefit from their research and development?

Socialists campaign against a nation created and built by Socialists.

Liberal multiculturalists find no comfort in the added value that a Jewish state brings to the world.

Those opposed to nationalism oppose Israel on principle, yet campaign and find no objection for the national aspirations of Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.

Human rights activists demonstrate, campaign, sail on flotillas for the human rights of a society that abuses the human rights of women, children, and anyone of a religion not of the recipient of their support.
The same human rights activists remain silent when the human rights of Israelis are being attacked by the very society they champion.

None of them choose to preach to the radicals and extremists in Palestinian politics and society in order to moderate their tone in a genuine search for peace.
None of them criticise the Palestinian leaders for their abuse, not only of Israel, but of their own society.
None of them put pressure on Palestinian society to force them to become more pragmatic, to educate their own people, in readiness for peaceful coexistence with Israel.

This book will go a long way in exposing the hypocricy that covers the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel lobby.

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