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How do we make sense of a Palestinian Authority refusing to recognise Israel as a Jewish state, not agreeing to any land swop as part of a pragmatic solution, and holding to the principle of the right of return (a Jewish Zionist expression of ever there was one) for refugees?

The answer is the core of the Middle East problem.

It is the defining essence of what is preventing any progress to a permanent peace.

It is the reason why Israel must stand firm even we appear to the world as an obstacle to peace.

The Palestinians are setting the stage for the final act. For Israel, the peace process is a set up, a trap.

Israel is being encouraged to drop its demands for recognition as a Jewish state. We are told that this should not be a pre condition, that it is viewed as somewhat racist, undemocratic, and that it gets in the way of a peaceful resolution to the conflict. It is made to appear as we are putting up obstacles to peace.

If we are not a Jewish state what are we, especially to them?

Answer – we are Palestine.

They refuse to drop the principle of the right of return. the world says let them keep it as a principle in their statute books, it will only apply to a very limited number of returning refugees into Israel, the rest will go to the new Palestinian state.

This is a most dangerous principle that must not pass.


Because if Israel agrees to accept any refugees it will concede the point that this Israel is really Palestine.

Why would anyone who considers themselves as Palestinian Arabs want to enter this land if they did not see it as Palestine?

Would any of them have suffered the statelessness of decades to move to Israel? No. In their eyes they are returning to Palestine. From within Israel, they together with those who consider themselves here as Palestinians would demand that their leadership work to resolve the divided people, to work towards a reunification of Palestine.

Anyone who demands that Israel surrenders the principle that it is not a Jewish state and accepts Palestinian refugees has set up Israel, and weakened us, for the next round in the battle of our survival.

Our concessions will be turned against us. Whatever has applied to the creation of a new Palestinian state will equally apply here, in Israel.

If you accept that the territories are, in reality, a Palestinian state, if you accept that East Jerusalem is theirs, if you accept the return of Palestinian refugees into Israel, then you admit that all the land is Palestine, including Israel. You may argue to the contrary but you would have lost your case by surrendering your legitimacy.

Once you accept that Palestinian refugees have the legitimate right to settle in our land under a right of return you have granted that this is their land.

Once you have handed them East Jerusalem as their capital nothing can prevent them from claiming the rest of Jerusalem is equally located in Palestine.

This is not a nightmare scenario. This is political reality.

No amount of appeasement to the Palestinians in the name of peace, no amount of concessions to separate the two peoples, will avoid the inevitable next round.

There are those that argue that we must separate ourselves to maintain a stronger, more demographic and democratic base. This will not prevent the ongoing delegitimization of Israel. On the contrary, the very fact that we have surrendered, whatever we will give them will legitimize their narrative in future demands.

We are witnessing the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership on land, East Jerusalem in particular, refugees, non-recognition of a Jewish state, of the denial of Jewish historical or religious claims.

We are at war for our survival and we are too willingly prepared to surrender our position on the altar of peace.

For the Palestinians, the acceptance and establishment of a new Palestinian state will be an important bridgehead from which to launch the next stage in their campaign for the reunification of Palestine.

Knowing this is coming, why should we surrender the bridgehead?

The argument is given that we must retreat to a stronger position where we will have greater collective strength only applies if we have withdrawn, and not left our ammunition behind to be used by our enemy.

If we try to retrench but have given our enemy the weapons in which to attack us we are doomed.

By agreeing to their terms with nothing in return we have surrendered the high ground.

We may plead that we did so to be nice to them, that we withdrew so that they will leave us in peace. .These arguments won’t hold in the coming battle.

We will have surrendered land, they will continue to claim, because it belonged to them. Now they want the rest, the land on which we continue to sit because, that too, belongs to them.

At that time what weapons could we possibly use then in our continuing fight for our survival?

We will have given up on our legitimate claim of being a Jewish state, just as easily as we failed to make the legitimate argument of our rights to the land.

We would have accepted Palestinian refugees into our land, thereby opening ourselves up to the claim that we admitted this to be Palestine by that deed.

Get ready for the final attack. We will be hit by the same forces that are attacking us now, but they will be stronger because, to them, we would have been making their case for them.

They will be armed by the weapons we will have given them.

We will have shown them our weakness by not holding firm to our values. They will see that we were not ready to defend our rights and our heritage.

The reuniting of Palestine will be their battle cry. It will be the final battle of our survival.

They will be joined in the battle by Israeli Arabs some of whom already call themselves Palestinians; they include those who sit in the Knesset, our legislative chamber.

They will celebrate the establishment of a new Palestinian entity but not for the reasons it will be celebrated in Israel.

Israelis may dream that this, at last, will give them peace and tranquility. The Arabs who are today demanding justice for the Palestinians, will they cease their campaigns and turn themselves to improving the condition of their fellow Arabs in Israel? Or will they look at this as just one victory on the road to total victory – the reunification of Palestine.

Certainly we have heard from representatives, such as Haneen Zoabi, an Arab member of Israel’s Knesset, that they will never recognise Israel as their country that only Palestine in this land will be their redemption. This call will only become louder as the next stage of the delegitimization of Israel takes center stage.

It will be a battle when all our gestures and concessions will work against us for the very fact that we surrendered our land, our history, our heritage, our identity, on the altar of peace will be meaningless and will have weakened us to the point that we will have no further legitimate argument left in our arsenal when the final battle comes.

In truth, the peace process is nothing more than a modern day Auschwitz process.

The Jewish state of Israel, under demonization, delegitimization, threats, and attacks has been persuaded that there is no other choice but to join the peace process, that this is the only way to peace.

The Jews of Europe under demonization, delegitimization, threats, and attacks were persuaded that they had no other choice but to join the train that will take them to a camp away from the oppression.

Israel is told to refrain from claiming to be a Jewish state. it is having its heritage and history stolen from it.

The Jews of Europe had to wear a yellow Star of David to identify them as Jews. They also had their homes and their valuable possessions stolen from them.

Just as the Jews of Europe were reviled and isolated in ghettoes so is Israel becoming reviled and isolated – the Jew among nations. Israel is becoming the new ghetto. We even build a separation wall to protect ourselves. This is the first time in Jewish history that Jews have voluntarily put themselves inside our own ghetto. We do so out of a need to survive.

Just as the Jews of Europe were driven into the cattle cars on their way to the camp so is Israel driven to the peace process that is leading them into the camp.

At the camp, the Jews of Europe were stripped of their final possessions, their identity replaced by a number stamped on their arms.

Today Israel is being stripped of its identity to become an unidentifiable people.

The train is pulling into the camp, the camp being the establishment of a new Palestinian entity.

We are told that the camp belongs to them and we can have the showers.

We are already in the camp and trapped. Trapped by our own failures and admissions. We were driven there by the United Nations, guarded by the international community, delegitimisers, and public opinion. We were confined inside the cattle cars of international resolutions.

We had surrendered our passports and our valuables too easily. We had echoed their mantras as they marched us to the train.

Now we are in the camp, trapped by our gullibility and our acceptance of their demands.

At that time, when we have surrendered the camp to them, it will be easy for them to herd us into the showers for we will be defenseless.

During the Holocaust, Jews gave their money, their valuables, to the enemy to try and stay alive. They begged. They bribed. They pleaded. When you are persecuted there is no place for pride.

Some Jews hid their identity, choosing to blend in with the enemy, as they watched their people struggling to survive.

The Palestinian Nazis are following the principles of the Third Reich. Here are some of the latest decrees, instituted by the’ moderate’ leadership:

‘Anyone selling land to a Jew will be shot!’

‘Conquered land must be Judenrein!’

‘There is no such thing as Jewish history!’

‘Any reference to Jewish possession must be struck from the records!’

‘The Jews must not be allowed to survive as a race. We will accept nothing less than their final surrender!’

Is this not preparation for the final solution of the Jewish problem – Palestinian style?

We will know that you have been suckered into the Auschwitz process. It will be when we begin to hear about the reunification of Palestine. Then it will be too late.

It is what they are discussing in their Wansee meetings.

We did not listen then. We are not listening now.

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