Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Next Round.

They say that all problems will be solved with the creation of a new Palestinian state.

They say this will be the salvation for Palestinian Arabs and for Israelis.

They say that peace will reign when the central crisis of the world will be gone.

Do you believe it? I don’t.

Am I a pessimist? Or a realist?

I say the problem will not go away. It will remain to haunt us. Let me explain.

The solution is there for everyone to see, they say.

It’s right in front of us, the answers to this two state solution.

Give the Palestinian Arabs their land. Define the borders. Settle the refugee problem. Give them East Jerusalem as their capital. Move the Jewish settlers out of the way. Give Israel its security..

Everybody has been so close to this solution, say American presidents and negotiation observers.
Barak gave the most far reaching concessions. Arafat refused them.

Olmert went even further. Abbas said it was not enough.

Let Israel go that extra step. Let the Palestinian leadership agree.

Peace at last! Universal celebration!

Peace agreement signed. Sigh of relief. Rumbles of dissatisfaction in sections of the Israeli and Palestinian societies. No matter. Deed done. White House ceremony. International praise.

Then what?

Time moves on. Exhilaration fades. Voices begin to be heard.

‘What about us?” It’s the collective voice of Palestinian Arabs living in Iisrael.

“If that state is Palestine so is this!” say the assertive voice of Israeli Arabs.

“We did not return to this land to be called Israelis. We are Palestinians.” say the protesting voice of returning refugees permitted into Israel as part of the agreement.

“We do not recognise this as our state!”, say their elected representatives sitting in Israel’s Knesset. “This is also Palestine. Our roots are here. Are we not brothers and sisters? Are we not one people?”

“We agree!”, say the loud collective voice from the newly created Palestinian state.

“We are family! We are brothers! We must reunite our people! The struggle must continue!”, say the new Palestinian leaders.

“We are with you in your struggle!”, say the Arab and Muslim world.

“We support you in your struggle!”, say the Hate Israel campaigners and activists.

“They have a point", say the media.

And so we move to the next round……

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