Saturday, 26 July 2014

A simple fact and statistic to confound the cynical media.

A simple fact and statistic to confound the cynical Western media that has become the propaganda arm of Hamas.

It is clear to any observer that, after the population left Sejiya in Gaza, the only people remaining were Hamas and Islamic Jihad to fight the Israeli soldiers uncovering and destroying their terror tunnels.
I make this point to explain the body count for the dates of Tuesday and Wednesday, 22-23 July when fighting was it is peak there.
The established age group of known Palestinian terrorists is between 17-65, though a 16 year old was one of the terrorists captured in a terror tunnel.
I have the casualty list not of the IDF, but of the Gaza Health Ministry. Don't ask me how I got it. According to their figures 51 people were killed on Tuesday, and 55 on Wednesday. They have a number marked as "unknown" so, for my purposes I include them as terrorists as most were killed in Sejiya.
The known age group for terrorists and male casualties on Tuesday were 43 plus 8 unknown giving a total potential terrorist dead as 51 out of the 60.
On Wednesday their total figure was 63. Out of this 44 were males in the terrorist age group and 11 were unknown making a total of 55 out of 63 killed.
This makes nonsense out of the media's accusations that the majority were women and children.

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