Thursday 31 July 2014

OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE. Thursday 31 July. Morning/Afternoon Report.

Malaysia has been training and supplying Hamas with gliders and mobile light aircraft to attack Israel from the air.
This was divulged by Hamas terrorists captured by Israel's IDF during the current Gaza war.

As of midnight Israel has lost 56 of its finest sons in battles against an Islamic terror enemy.

There are 159 soldiers in hospital, 15 of them in critical or life threatening condition.

Rockets falling on Israel since before 7 am. 26 rockets between midnight and 12 noon.
10 targeting Sderot. 7 intercepted by Iron Dome. 3 fell in open areas.

Masses of Israelis visiting injured soldiers in hospitals and bringing food and support to their families.

IDF Paratroopers killed 5 terrorists in a fire fight this morning in Khan Yunis.
Golani soldiers killed at least one terrorist in another confrontation. Many other battles going on throughout the Gaza Strip.

Israeli TV showing the aftermath of a battle in a mosque with enemy weapons captured,
and the opening to a deep tunnel.

IDF are referring to the tunnel system as "the Gaza Metro."

Israel TV reporting that 40% of the Hamas budget went into the tunnels that they see Israel destroying as new ones appear on the IDF intelligence maps.

An Israeli delegation is in Cairo today for talks with Egypt about the conflict.
There is a meeting of minds between Egypt and Israel. Neither is in a hurry to stop the fighting against Hamas.

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