Monday, 14 July 2014

Denial of painful truths block the path to peace.

What does it take for people of supposed reason and intelligence to see things as they really are?

Recently, the perceptive and erudite Alan Dershowitz told us how the repeated and incessant Hamas rocket attacks against Israel shatters established myths. He quoted three myths; that the primary cause of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is occupation and settlement building, that both sides share the blame for the “cycle of violence,” and that Mahmoud Abbas is part of the solution, not the problem. Skillfully, and with common sense, he deconstructed each of these concepts. He evidenced his arguments on recent Hamas decisions and actions, each of which, individually and collectively, exposes the truth that no peace is possible with such a fractured Palestinian society and Palestinian political structure in which the majority of the people (as evidenced by their last election results which gave Hamas an overwhelming majority) support a universally designated terrorist organization, and an Islamic one at that, that rejects the Jewish State of Israel anywhere
In Paris, aping Palestinian Arab youth, Muslims demonstrated their support for the Palestinian cause by throwing rocks and bricks at French Jews and tried to assault the synagogues into which they fled for shelter. One said that it was like “an intifada.” For these Muslim immigrants in France, just as it is for Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Palestinian Salafists, and some will say the Palestinian Authority, their struggle is one of removing the presence of a Jewish State from the region.

The mob attitude, as well as Hamas words and deeds, changes the Palestinian cause into Anti-Semitism. No peace is possible with such racial hatred, on either side of the conflict.

For all French Jews, the frightening sight of fellow Jews fleeing for their lives into a Jewish sanctuary is synonymous with the need for French Jews to escape the dangerous streets of France and find shelter in the Jewish State of Israel.

Here though, they should appreciate that the hatred expressed in various forms and at all levels of Palestinian society against Israel is, at its deep heart, a burning Anti-Semitism that does not allow even the so-called moderate arm of the Palestinian political spectrum to accept the notion of a Jewish state, and insists in having a Jew-free Palestine.

Anyone with a modicum of reason and common sense can see that Israel is fighting a war against terror – Palestinian terror. Yet, the media and diplomats in Western liberal democracies, whom you would assume to have an ounce of knowledge about the basic values of Israel, and the lack of such values in the rest of the violent Middle East, are in denial. Why? We can’t accuse them all of being Anti-Semites. Instead, they are tainted with the opinion that all Israel has to do is give up land for peace and we can all live happily ever after. If only!

What fools they are! How closely they resemble the Three Monkeys. It’s “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” when it comes to their attitude toward the Palestinians. But if Israel is forced to defend its citizens from Palestinian terror all hell is let loose. Israel is deserving of intense retribution, according to the na├»ve elite that wrongly makes the moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. Dershowitz references this in his myth about “the cycle of violence” that fails to value the struggle of a liberal democracy against totalitarian and religious terror regime, even if that terror falsely disguises itself in a cloak of liberation.   These mordant fools of the press, politics, and academia need to be told that the shallowness of their thinking discredits them. If their judgment on such a basic issue is not valued or appreciated, how can they be trusted to formulate the fate of Israel?

Here I want to appeal to the “Two-Staters” - those who have, for forty years, been championing the elusive, if not impossible, Two-State Solution. They seem to be the same people who are scrambling to force Israel into negotiating a ceasefire with Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. I will grant that they are people of goodwill and capable of following a fairly simple thought process. So, I will address them directly;
If you accept, and current events make this point undeniable, that Hamas is a spoiler in the peace process, a Hamas that is an officially designated terrorist organization and is doing everything possible to prove it? 

Doesn't it make sense therefore that, instead of keeping them and their deadly weapons in place, you should be encouraging Israel to do the dirty work and degrade their stockpiles and weaken their leadership to insignificance? Wouldn’t you think this would give the opportunity for the “moderate” branch of the Palestinian Authority to assert their control of the Gaza Strip, and improve the prospects of the people living there? And wouldn’t this herald a better future that would encourage Israel to sit down and hammer out a permanent peace agreement with a de-militarized Palestinian entity that has asserted itself in both the West Bank and Gaza?

Clearly the political status quo is unsustainable. If you truly want peace in our neck of the woods, this means enforcing a profound change in the existing political framework, one that strengthens the moderate and liberal democratic voices and eliminates, as much as possible, the radical intolerant violent elements. Going toe to toe with violent, fundamental, terrorists requires courage and commitment, and the full support of fellow travelers who share this vision. Israel has the courage and the necessity for take up this challenge. The consequence of failing to support Israel in this mission inevitably means we will have a repeat of Palestinian terror in the next year or so after they, once again, build up their weapon stockpile.

It also means that “Two-State” dreamers will continue to dream for another forty years.

Barry Shaw is the special consultant on delegitimization issues to the Strategic Dialogue Center at Netanya Academic College. He is also the author of “Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.”

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