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Enough of Palestinian lies. It's time to start fighting back with the truth.

Enough of Palestinian lies. It's time to start fighting back with the truth.

A fiction has been allowed to take hold. This fiction is known as the Palestinian narrative. It is the creation of a myth that has been told repeatedly so many times that it has been accepted as fact. The falsehoods have been regurgitated endlessly in the media as to become the standard mantra. The message has become the rallying cry around which support groups are formed. Immense budgets are given to forward part of the agenda that is contained in the narrative. Activists take to the podium, the media, the unviersities, and to the streets. Any voice that challenges the veracity of the campaign is muted, ignored, suppressed, and even impeded with violence.
The accepted narrative is used to criticise, condemn, delegitimise, and even question the validity of the other side.
I represent the other side. I now say enough! Enough of the lies! It is time to fight back! It is time to expose the lies. It is time to expose the truth. Let's rip the narrative to pieces, bit by bit.
This is a master class to be used against those to profess to be pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. It exposes some of the slogans and arguments used by them to delegitimise Israel.


Israel withdrew every living person, and even the dead, from the Gaza Strip. Yet Palestinians and their supporters still call the Gaza Strip 'occupied'. How nonsensical is this?
The only Jew occupying Gaza doesn't want to be there. His name is GILAD SHALIT, soon to celebrate four horrible years of total isolation in inhuman conditions.
If they really hate the occupation why doesn't Hamas evict him? Instead, they enjoy playing him as a propaganda tool and a bargaining chip.

I have heard the argument that all they want is the creation of Palestine with Jerusalem as their capital?
I guess that sounds reasonable. You assume that they only want what belongs to them, namely the West Bank, the Gaza  Strip, and East Jerusalem, alongside Israel.  Right? Wrong!
Why don't you listen to what they are telling their own people? Why don't you check the Charters of both the Islamic terror regime of Hamas and the more 'moderate' Fatah? There you will find the truth.
From their perspective,  all of Israel belongs to them.
Occupation does not apply only to Gaza and the West Bank. It applies to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Afula, Beer Sheva.
The truth is that, for them, occupation will remain a rallying cry until all of Israel falls under Islamic Palestinian control, with Jerusalem as its capital.
Ask any Palestinian about the 'Nakba'. This new expression has become part of the glue to the Palestinian narrative. The Nakba, or disaster, is how the Arab world refers to the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel on 15th May, 1948. It only found expression in recent years as a rewriting of a false Palestinian history.  It is a historic mistake that must be rectified. It is as if they controlled the land before 1948 and
deserve to have it back. Untrue!
At a recent Nakba rally within Israel, the Islamic Movement leader (yes, there is such an organisation in democratic Israel), Raed Salah, called Israel 'a cancer that will be removed'. (that's how we allow free speech in our country).
He called on Fatah and Hamas to unite not to reach a peace agreement with Israel but to 'unite against the occupation until the state of Palestine is established with Jerusalem as its capital'. Sound familiar.


You have failed to check whose land it is anyway. You have accepted without question their narrative that the land is theirs to control and administer. In your ignorance you may even believe that they once had their state of Palestine that was taken from them by force. They only want it back. Again, wrong!
What if I told you that the only authority holding legal rights to Palestine, recognised under international law, is Israel.  This is true. Look it up.
This powerful and irrevocable argument. is enshrined in international declarations and law.
I do not even need to quote the famous Balfour Declaration. Sufficient for me to start with the San Remo Declaration of 1920 that mandated the whole of Palestine as the national home of the Jewish people. This was cemented into international law, agreed to by the Arabs, at the League of Nations in 1922.  It was reconfirmed later when the United Nations replaced the League of Nations.
It is important to stress that at all these conventions full agreement was given by the Arab representatives.
It is indisputable that the land was mandated to Israel as guardians of the nation home of the Jewish people.
Palestinians have no rights to sovereignty over any of the land, None.
There was never any history of Palestinian rule over any of the land but, even more potently, they have no claim that can possibly stand up as a legal right recognised under any international law.
This claim exclusively belongs to Israel.
Acceptance of this fact by the Palestinians would go a long way to creating the necessary and basic foundations of trust so lacking today and portrayed in decades of rejectionism and refusal on their part.
In short, it is up to Israel to transfer legal rights to the land to the Palestinians, or not.
It is amazing to me that this argument has not been pounded repeatedly by the Israeli Government for years
in diplomatic circles as well as in the court of public opinion. It is irrefutable.


President Bill Clinton was shocked at Camp David in 2000 when Yasser Arafat told him that the Temple did not exist in Jerusalem and it was all a Jewish fiction. He could not believe his ears.
This ignorance is, however, widespread among those who support the Palestinian narrative.
Did you know that Jesus was a Palestinian? No, don't laugh. This is part of the Palestinian rewriting of their history. They have to obliterate any Jewish history. Call it replacement theology, if you like, but it is taking places in word and deed.
I was outraged when the Israeli Government turned a blind eye to massive excavations under the Temple Mount. What were once King Solomon's Stables were totally destroyed and the rubble removed by Palestinians without a murmur of protest or preventions by the Israeli authorities. There is no longer any physical evidence that it ever existed.
The Palestinian denial of Jewish sovereignty in Jerusalem and all of the Holy Land not only insults Judaism, it also insults Christianity. If there were no Jewish Temple then the story of Jesus must be a fiction. Christianity was born out of Judaism, not Islam. Yet, soon, the Palestinians will tell you that Jesus was a Muslim.

I do not need to detail the Jewish roots to the land that go back thousands of years. The Bible cannot be turned into Palestinian rubble. The Koran (in which Jerusalem is not mentioned once) cannot replace the Bible. The Bible, and the glorious and anquished history that followed, contain the ancient deeds to Jewish sovereignty. There was never a people known as the Palestinians prior to 1967 and then it only came out of the barrel of a gun held by Yasser Arafat, the original Islamic terrorist.

To those researching the subject will find interesting historical footnotes. I was surprised to learn that Napoleon Bonaparte, confident of a military victory at Acre in 1799, saw himself as the liberator of the Israelites. He wrote that of "history's most oppressed people, the Israelites, who constitute a unique nation which, during thousands of years, lust of conquest and tyranny,  have deprived them of their ancestral lands, but not its name and national existence!"
There is another famous story about Bonaparte. He was passing a French synagogue on Tisha B'Av when he heard crying and wailing coming from within. He stopped and asked why the Jews were crying. He was told that they were mourning the destruction of the Temple. "When did this happen?" he demanded to know. "Almost two thousand years ago in Jerusalem", he was told.
"Any people who bewail the fate of their Temple for thousands of years are truly deserving of a nation of their own" he declared.
Napoleon addressed the Jews as 'the rightful heirs of Palestine'. He claimed that he was fighting to avenge the 'almost two thousand years of ignominy imposed upon the Jews. France offers you, the Jews, at this time, and contrary to all expectations, Israel's patrimony!"
Oh, if only Napoleon would have won!


This was the name of an article I wrote a short while ago. I am dumbfounded by the chutzpah of the Palestinians that they should lay any claim to Jerusalem. Putting aside the fact that Arabs live in and around certain parts of the city the Palestinians have no legal or historical claims to Jerusalem. The Jordanians grabbed Jerusalem from Jewish control in 1948 immediately after the creation of the Jewish State. They destroyed much of the Jewish religious sites and Jews were denied entry to pray at the holy places during their intolerant rule. They certainly had no Palestinian claimants to the city. So how come the Palestinian Authority are demanding Jerusalem as their capital?
If a Palestinian state is established there is, in my opinion, only one place they should call their capital. That is Ramallah. It is where their current leadership command and control has been developed. It is where their parliament sits. It is the headquarters of their leadership. It is where they buried their revered Arafat. Let them have Ramallah as their capital, and hands off Jerusalem. It's ours.


Yes, it's sad but true. Palestine will be an apartheid state. You can already see the beginnings of a brutal and racist regime. If you truly want to fight against apartheid regimes look no further than the regime you profess to support. Palestine. Make a careful examination of what is transpiring there. The Gaza Strip is already Judenrein. They can't tolerate the thought of Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria, known to them as the West Bank. A prerequisite of a Palestinian state would involve the dismantling of what they call setttlements and the removal and transfers of tens of thousands of Jews. How much more racist and apartheid can you get?
Those of you who defame Israel in support of the Palestinian cause seem in capable of addressing the appalling human rights abuses within Palestinian society. The degradation of women, including the horrendous practises of enforced female circumsicion and honour killings, seems not to be on your radar screen. What about the abusive punishments of gays in Palestinian society? How about the radical restructions imposed on  Christians? Or the children who are exposed to hate education, indoctrination to racial hatred, incitement and violence in the name of the Palestinian cause? Why are you not encouraging the leadership to educate the children to a brighter and better future and force them to make peace? Which brings me to the next topic.


The truth is they want peace without Israel.
This is the root cause which is the cancer eating at the heart of the peace process.
It is not occupation. It is not settlements. It is not Jewish building in Jerusalem.  Or, it is precisely about all of these and more.
The core issue is that no Palestinian leadership, from Arafat to Hamas to Fatah to Abbas can bring themselves to tell their own people that the solution is to live in peace and security alongside the Jewish State of Israel. Period.
In 'Camp David:The Tragedy of Errors', written by Robert Malley and Hussein Agha who both participated in the Camp David negotiations between Ehud Barak, Yasser Arafat, and Bill Clinton, a tired and angry  President shouted at Arafat "This is a fraud! If the Israelis can make concessions why can't you? You have been here for fourteen days and said no to everything. These things have consequences. Let hell break loose and live with the consequences""
The consequence was the Second Intifada when many people lost their lives.
This is a salient and sobering lesson for George Mitchell and President Obama today. Palestinians do not make concessions. They demand it all and will resort to violence, like petulant and dangerous people, if they don't get what they want, which is everything, without conceeding anything.

Just look at the concessions, the unilateral gestures, made by Israel. From inviting Arafat and his henchmen from Tunis to Ramallah as part of the Oslo Accords we got terror and intifadas. From Arafat, after Camp David, we got more terror and death. After withdrawing from Lebanon we got rockets from Hizbollah. After giving the whole of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians we got six years of eight thousand rockets and mortars lauched from the once peaceful and productive productive settlements which became terror bases and training camps.
Listen to what the leadership is telling their own people. They want it all and they will get it all. It's all a matter of time.
Today, the bluff is exposed. They don't even want to talk to Israel. Why should they? They now have an American Administration doing their bidding. They will only talk to America if America extracts further concessions from Israel. How ridiculous is that?  And when these 'proximity talks' fail it will be the fault of Israel, the Americans, never the Palestinians. They are always the poor suffering victims in this saga.
They will give nothing because they want everything.


I don't know if you are aware of this but recent figures prove that two thousand Palestinians have been killed by rival factions within Palestinian society. That's more than those killed by Israelis in counter terror actions.
This little known fact gets no air time in any of the media. You don't hear pro-Palestinian activists demonstrating to prevent this violent abuse. Why should they? It's easier to claim that Israel commits war crimes. Israelis don't throw Palestinians off rooftops. Palestinians do. Israelis don't line up Palestinians against a wall and mow them down for belonging to a rival faction. Palestinians do. Israelis don't kill local Arabs for collaborating with the enemy. Palestinians do.

If you have any other claims to make against Israel just let me know and I will give you the other side of the coin. The truth of ther matter is that peace would have broken out years ago had anyone of character among the Palestinians truly wanted one without holding to decades, and possibly centuries, of continuing violence.


We in Israel are ready to make sacrifices. Heaven knows, we have sacrificed plenty up to now. Our leaders will make painful concessions only when we see a pragmatic Palestinian leadership ready and strong enough to deliver a final solution that does not involve the elimination of the Jewish people.
We had that once. It will not happen again.

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