Monday, 3 May 2010

Obama -v- Israel. Next round at the UN.

They are trying to tell you that relationships between the US and Israel has been rectified. Don't believe it!

Obama has now promised Mahmoud Abbas that the US will not automatically veto any future UN resolution condemning Israel.

This was done as a sweetener to persuade the Palestinian leader to agree to talks - with America.

Obama has given the wink to the US United Nations Ambassador not to use an American veto next time the Islamic regimes, backed by the European appeasers, gang up on Israel.

America has always been Israel's staunchest supporter at the biased UN Assembly. Not any more.
Obama has ordered the cutting of American bonds with Israel at the United Nations where all the Islamic regimes traditionally vote against all the Jewish nations.

This will really isolate and weaken the only Jewish state in the world.

Obama and his Administration, with the support of the Liberal Jews of America, are forcing the elimination and delegitimisation of Israel for which they should be ashamed.

It is 1936 know the rest,,,,

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