Thursday, 27 May 2010


When does the media becomes a propaganda machine?  When it serves the purpose of a political bias and suspends the truth in favor of forming popular opinion. When it creates, by its false reporting, an alternative reality.

That is what has happened with most of the Western media when it comes to Gaza.

For years, the media has been sharing a bed with lying radicals. They have been the voice of an Islamic terror regime, patronising them by closing a blind eye to their crimes and supporting them by echoing their unfounded statements in their broadsheets.

In the fight for the minds of men, news and truth are not the same.

The public is lazy, apathetic, when they read their newspapers, or watch the news on their television sets.  They prefer to believe what is put in front of them than take the time, and make the effort to research the facts. It's easier to accept the narrative, especially if it colorful and emotive, as factual, even if the element of truth is tenuous.

When repeated often enough, the fraud becomes fact in the mind of the apathetic reader or viewer who find themselves quoting the reiterated mantra.

This is precisely what has happened with the Palestinian narrative of victimisation and sufferance.  The truth  got lost, years ago, in the fog of emotional perceptions.
There are victims, there are oppressors, in the Middle East conflict. Which is which in your mind? With which side do you sympathise? Who do you hate? Is your opinion formulated by what you have read, or the opinions heard on your TV?
When you know that that the living conditions in Gaza are horrendous, and Israel is to blame, are you convinced that your opinion is based on truth? 
I'm sure it is, but if I ask you to do some basic research will you accept that the contrary evidence will cause you to reassess your opinion and change your mind?  Or are you hardened into a biased frame of mind and nothing will convince you that you have been deceived.

Let me explain that I, also, thought that conditions were awful in Gaza. I, also, was a lazy news sponge. Until something hit my desk that made me question what I was being fed by the major news and media outlets.
It caused me to search the web. It was then that I began to unravel a completely different scenario, one that screamed "Lies!!" at every report and statement that eminates from the pro-Palestinian camp, their supporters, but worst of all the so-called 'neutral' media.

I had discovered facts and evidence that were in direct conflict with the reports, the claims, and the emotive language.

The use of language paints the political landscape. It forms public opinion around which politicians can craft their agenda.

Let me begin to set the record straight by highlighting the language used in a current incident in the Middle East, namely the aid convoy to Gaza.
Firstly, it was not an aid convoy. It was a massive political propaganda machine.
Second, there is no Israeli blockade on Gaza. A blockade is when you prevent everything from getting through to the enemy. This is clearly not the case in Gaza as can be seen on the weekly supply list issued by the Israeli Government and the IDF.
It is a controlled import designed to stop items that can be used for terror puposes from reaching the hands of Islamic terrorists.

The activists on board the nine ships wanted one of two things to happen:
1. To have the world see the Israeli navy prevent them reaching Gaza and, thereby, make propaganda capital out of it.
2. If not challenged by the navy, to be seen hugging the Hamas leadership in solidarity.

Either outcome would be seen by them as some sort of victory. That was why they were financed. That was their sole aim.
There is only one agenda at work here.  HATE ISRAEL!

None of the people on board the ships have any conviction to engage Israel, or to find a mutual solution, or to persuade the Palestinians to accept the generous terms offered to them by the Israelis for decades, or to act positively for the benefits of peace.

Hamas remains a designated Islamic terror organisation. Hamas remains dedicated to eliminate the States of Israel, by force if necessary.  Yet this did not stop hundreds of intenrational activists, including several European and British Members of Parliament, from boarding the ships and sailing for Gaza. They did so with one motive. HATE ISRAEL!

Those that promote the Palestinian cause over other, more deserving causes, do so out of one driving motivation. HATE ISRAEL !

They abuse the language by using baseless, emotive, phrases that exaggerate the Palestinian position in an attempt to shock the world into supporting them. They have succeeded with the cooperation and participation of the media.

They do so with images and statements that are, quite frankly, lies. They commit fraud by deliberately framing a narrative that is untrue, and they do so with the connivance of the media.

To corroberate this point, the media should be forced to print the facts, the photos, to explain the videos, that show a middle class lifestyle in Gaza that is in complete variance with the phoney image that has been spoonfed to the public for years.

The editors will tell you that they only printed what they were told, such as the lie that no building materials were being allowed into Gaza for reconstruction. Yet they fail to report the massive construction of luxury apartment blocks, superb mansions, mosques, public and governmental facilities, Olympic-size swimming pool in Gaza, extending the Gaza harbour, all and more built, miraculously, without materials or equipment.

The editors will tell you that they only repeated the claims that Israel was blocking basic needs from getting into Gaza, yet they refuse to investigate the shops bulging with clothes, food supplies, toys, cakes, candies, and imported items.

The editors report that the children are suffering, but they don't print the news of 200,000 laptops being delivered to the kids on Gaza via Israel. 

If a free press is proud to print fair and balanced news why haven't they done so?  If major newspapers and TV channels are serious about investigative reporting why haven't they exposed the truth that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza?

If human rights activists are inded what they claim to be, why have they not insisted that Palestinians are doing fine and that it is time to divert some of the record amounts of internartional funding to more worthy and needy causes, such as thousands of children dying in Africa, not due to lack of laptops, but due to lack of attention, malnutrition, and disease.

And maybe the media should champion this cause and distance themselves from the corruption and lies that are an integral part of the Palestinian narrative.

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