Friday, 21 May 2010

Mistaken Assumptions about Islam.

I warn you that this is not an article of tolerance and light. It is an article written with harsh truths based on what I see throughout the world. I would welcome clear evidence that my conclusions are incorrect. When I receive certain proof that the heart of this article is wrong I will gladly apologise and write a new piece.
Until then, the message remains.

There is a mistaken assumption in the West that immigrants who come to their land do so to make a better life. They assume that this involved proper and full absorption and integration into their welcoming society.
This may be true in, for instance, the case of Jamaican, Indian, and later Eastern European immigration into Britain and the States. It is not so with the masses of Muslim immigrants that hold to the belief of Sayyid Qutb whose message was "A Muslim has no nationality except his belief". 
When you understand the depth of that sentence you understand everything.
The cornerstone of this sentence is what is tearing Europe apart. The message has landed in America.

The spiritual founder of Islamists was executed in Egypt in 1966 by order of the secular dictator, Gamel Abdul Nasser, but the message and legacy has spread globally.

Those who carry the message bring chaos and ruin with them into orderly Western civilisations. National ideas are there to be exploited with no thought of loyalty. Belief overrides national loyalty, except under Muslim rule. Treachery is justified by the cause, the cause is an inseparable part of the belief.
Belief is the heart. The cause is the brain that intellectualises action, domination, violent protest, and terror.

Thus, British Muslims can blow up central London, a Dutch Muslim can slit the throat of producer Van Gogh, an American officer can massacre fellow comrades at Fort Hood, and a young employee of Elizabeth Arden can attempt mass murder in Times Square.

America is slowly waking up to discover that the enemy does not need to invade their country or fly planes into buildings. As with Europe, they now find that the Islamist is a faceless, nondescript, native American living in their home. Not honoring their national identity, but loyal only to their belief.

It is the Islamist that demands submission to their belief in a dominating manner. Why else would a Muslim want a thirteen storey mosque by the site of the worst Islamic slaughter in the free world?

Open borders, and open societies, have allowed the message, and the advocates and activists of this message, to enter, settle, and indoctrinate.
They have been assisted by civil rights advocates, far left crusaders, supported by soft-hearted liberals passionate about the utopia of multi-culturalism.
The last thing that those who spread the message want is multi-culturalism. They desire only a total submission to their belief as they progress, irrevocably, toward this aim.

Sometimes their frustration at lack of progress, or anger when their progress is halted, burst out into deadly violence. The belief, however, cannot be quelled by the carnage because their cause is just in their eyes.

Their justification is frequently rewarded when communal and national leaders choose to appease them and empower them with changes in laws and regulations that leave them immune to penalty, yet leave the indigenous population increasingly powerless, speechless, and not represented.

Their cause is protected by laws that do not allow murderous acts of violence to be called what it is - Islamic terror.
Any reference to those who perpetrate their deadly acts cannot be referred to by their religion, even though these acts are performed in the name of , and in the cause of, Islam.
This lack of rationality and honesty perverts free speech and prevents open deabte.

The fault lies in the inability to differentiate between what the West defines as 'moderate' and 'extreme' Islam.
This is another mistaken assumption.
I am firmly of the opinion that moderate Islam is really extreme Islam waiting silently for the spark to be lit.
This conclusion comes out the deafening silence in Europe by the so-called moderate Muslims when horrendous terror attacks take place.
I have yet to see street demonstrations in Europe and in The States organised and attended by 'moderate' Muslims openly and publicly condemning the murderous actions and agenda of their fellow-religionists.
Only when I see such a demonstration will I be convinced that the majority of Muslims are not waiting for the inevitable time when the extremists have reached positions of power and control as is almost happening in many parts of the world.
Instead, we are witnessing, in Europe a reaction by the rank and file demanding an end to the surrender of their society to Islamic demands. Changes are taking place in certain European countries as they attempt to rectify the changes in their communities against which they will not accept.
This clearly will lead to a polarisation and further friction as the battlelines are being drawn between the two sides.
America beware! This is coming your way.

This leads me to my final mistaken assumption which is that Islam is a religion of peace. You only have to look around the world to see that Islam is a religion of domination and suppression. Show me a Muslim country that welcomes Christians and Jews to practise their religion freely. Show me an Islamic nation that has an admirable human rights record when it comes to women, gays, and even children.
The argument is made that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful people. So why is it that Shiites and killing Sunnis, and vice versa.
The truth is that most are Muslims in the wider Muslim world are suppressed and nationally intolerant of unbelievers.
Those unbelievers are you and me.

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